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Vardenafil 20mg
Brand: Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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Vitara 20mg is Generic Levitra and contains 20mg Vardenafil. Same as Sildenafil and Tadalafil the medication inhibits the PDE5 enzyme which helps to increase the blood flow in the penis and enables a strong and long lasting erection. Please be aware that Vardenafil will not work without sexual stimulation.

If you require a higher dose we also have Vitara 40mg in our product range.

Duration: 4-5 hours (Vardenafil needs about 30-60 minutes to become effective ).
Side effects: Common side effects are flushing and a blocked nose. Please dont forget to consult a doctor before taking Vitara.

Manufacturer: Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Important: Do not combine Vitara 20mg with other medicine for erectile dysfunction, alcohol or illegal recreational drugs. It can lead to unpredictable and dangerous results. You may also not take Vitara 20mg if you use any of the following medication:

• Heart arrhythmias medicine
• HIV medicines
• Anti fungal medicine
• Antibiotics
• Alpha blockers
• Riociguat

When using Vardenafil for the first time it is recommended to start with 5-10mg. Stay safe!

– Expiration date of current batch: You can find the list in our FAQs –

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