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What is Cenforce and where to buy?

Cenforce 100mg is generic Viagra, a pharmaceutical product that targets people with ED issues. It contains sildenafil citrate as its main active ingredient, the same ingredient found in Viagra pills. The product is produced by Centurion Laboraties and sold in the form of rounded pills that are ingested orally. Although it’s not Viagra, it actually induces exactly the same effects as Viagra. You can buy Cenforce directly in our shop.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem for men around the world. But it is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are some good medications that can fix the problem and Cenforce is definitely one of them.

What is it used for?

Well, as we have already hinted above, it is designed to help people with ED or erectile dysfunction to get fuller and stronger erections. It contains an active ingredient that stimulates blood flow towards the genitals. However, it is important to note that its no magic pill or a silver bullet. It is only when you are sexually aroused that you will be able to reap off the benefits of this product. Therefore, it is advisable to only use this product if you are anticipating sex.


What Are the Different Versions?

Cenforce comes in different versions each designed to deliver a specific kind of potency. You will notice that these pills are rated with a number at the end. For example 100, 150 and 200. These numbers basically signify the amount of Sildenafil citrate contained in the pill. However, despite this wide variety of possible doses, the recommended version is Cenforce 100. These are simply pills that contain 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate. However, if this is your first time using an ED pill, you must start off with 25 or 50mg. See how it affects you first before you decide to get a higher dose. More info about the manufacturer can be found in our article here.

Cenforce 100mg – Dosage for beginners

Cenforce 100 mg – Regular doseWorks for most people. However, it is recommended to start off with 25 or 50mg when using it for the first time.

Cenforce 150mg

Cenforce 150 mg – High doseOnly recommended for persons who do not get satisfying results when using 100mg Sildenafil. Only use this dose after consultation of your doctor.

Cenforce 200mg – The dosage for advanced users

Cenforce 200 mg – Extremly high dose Only recommended for persons with a serious ED problem. Do not decide to use this dose without consultation of your doctor.

How to Take

Just like most ED pills, you are often advised to take them before you have sex. It is most effective when take it 30-45 minutes before engaging in intimacy with your partner. It is also important to note that there is a wide range of possible dosages that have different levels of potency. The most commonly used dose is Cenforce 100mg. However, you can get Cenforce 150 or 200 pills that are far more effective. However, most of the time it is not needed use such a high dosage. High dosages will increase the side effects. It is recommended you start small (50mg) until you can be sure your system can handle a more potent dose. Do not take it on a full stomach. Sometimes this affects the rapid absorption of the pill. This means that it will take longer to get the full effects of the pill.

Do also not use it when you are eating a high fat diet as well. Fat also inhibits the rapid absorption of Sildenafil which will limit the effectiveness of these pills. It does not go well with alcohol either. Ingesting these pills while drinking may have dangerous side effects including extremely low blood pressure. In case you are on other medications or have any form of chronic disease, you should consult with your doctor first before using Sildenafil. People with kidney issues and heart problems should also do the same just to be on the safe side.

Cenforce Dosage

As we have already noted above, Cenforce is available in a wide variety of concentrations. However, the recommended dosage is often one hundred milligrams. It is also important to note that the pills should be ingested at least 30 minutes before getting intimate with your partner. While you can still get results from lower concentrations of Sildenafil including 25 and 50mg, at some point you may need to up the dosage if you want the best results.

But we also know that there are some people who may struggle to get stronger and longer erections with the recommended dose. In such situations, using Cenforce 200 mg is advised. However, just like any type of medication, it is important to take precautions when you using these pills. Always consult widely with a medical practitioner, especially if you want to use higher doses to deal with your ED issue.

Possible Side Effects

Anyone would want to know the side effects associated with a certain pharmaceutical product before they decide to use it. Well, even though it is considered one of the safest generic erectile dysfunction pills in the market right now, there are still a few side effects you should know about. We have seen a number of cases where users have reported indigestion after using the pill. Moreover, in some cases the users mentioned nasal congestion and slight headache as side effects.

side effects

Sildenafil may also lead to slight impairment in vision and in some rare cases a painful erection. However, it is important to stress that these side effects do not affect every user. In fact, it’s only a small percentage of users that actually feel these effects so don’t be afraid to try out the pill. Besides, these effects are also temporary. They should go away after a few hours. If for any reasons the side effects persist hours after using Cenforce, then you should consult your doctor for more information.

In order to safely and effectively use any ED pill out there, there are some important precautions you will need to put into consideration. First of all, the medicine must be recommended by a certified medical practitioner. Do not just go online and purchase the pills. Talk to your doctor first so that you can be sure the pills are ideal for you.


Interactions may reduce the effectiveness or increase the risk of side effects substantially. Before we get to some of the common interactions, it is crucial to note that we do not by any means cover all the interactions here. In fact, our post only focuses on the common known interactions. There could still be other interactions that may require professional assistance to establish.

One thing to keep in mind is that Sildenafil, the active ingredient found in Cenforce 200 wholesale, may cause a significant drop in blood pressure when used with nitrate-based medications. Drops in blood pressure may lead to other side effects including fainting and dizziness. In severe cases, low blood pressure may also cause a stroke or heart attack. Patients who are also using an alpha-blocker like tamsulosin and doxazosin also may not use erection pills. The pill may negatively interact with these medications and cause a drop in blood pressure. Your doctor may start you off with smaller doses and assess how the pill affects your overall health. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it is highly advised.

However, if for some reason you find that Sildenafil reacts negatively with your body or the medications that you are taking, then ask your doctor for a suitable alternative. Don’t also forget to follow all the Cenforce 200 instructions for better results.

Cenforce 100mg Reviews

There is no better way to gauge the performance and quality of a product than using reviews online. Reviews are basically the first-hand experiences of different people who have had the chance to use a given product. Well, Cenforce 150 has plenty of reviews and at first glance, you can clearly see that they are all quite positive. One thing that we have picked up from the reviews so far is the fact that it is a highly effective ED pill. Most users, especially those who have the pleasure of using a wide range of pills, seem to believe that it leads to better and stronger erections.

cenforce reviews

We also noted that some people felt that they were able to get erections faster when using Sildenafil 150mg. Although most ED pills will induce an erection 30 – 60 minutes after they are ingested, many users feel that the effects kicked in faster. Reviews are also great in telling us about the possible side effects of any medication. It has, of course, side effects but it seems that they only affect a very small number of users. From all the reviews that we saw, users who reported a few side effects said that they were easy to manage as well.

Finally, the packaging on the product is also a huge selling point. It’s discreet and confidential. No one will even know that these are ED pills. A lot of people still feel embarrassed about having ED problems. It’s something they would want to keep a secret and discreet packaging for ED pills goes a long way in doing that. Looking at these reviews, it’s safe to say that Cenforce 100 is one of the best ED pills out there. People who have used these pills seem like they are getting some really good results.

Is It For Me?

There is no doubt that Cenforce is a very popular ED pill but you may sit there and wonder whether these medications are ideal for you. Well, it actually depends on a number of factors. First of all, anyone who has a problem having and maintaining an erection should consider using the pills. Erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages.

However, only those above the legal age should buy and use the pills. You must also be in pristine health to use these pills. People who are on other mediation may find it harder to fully benefit from the drugs. A good rule would be to consult with your doctor. We keep insisting on this point simply because it is very important. Medications are supposed to be as helpful as possible but they can be dangerous at times if they are not taken within the right conditions. Talk to your doctor first before doing anything.

Cenforce vs. Viagra

Viagra is one of the most popular ED pills in the market and it’s not uncommon for people to compare generic medications with it. Well, there isn’t such a huge difference between Cenforce and Viagra. In fact, both of these pills contain the same active ingredient and are designed to stimulate blood flow to the genitals for better sexual performance. The only difference is the fact that Cenforce 200 is a generic product. But other than that, both these pills work in a similar way.

How to Buy?

In case you feel that ED pills could have a positive impact on your sex life, then its time to buy these pills. One thing to keep in mind is that, there are so many online sellers these days. Sadly, not all of them are genuine enough. In order to fully maximize the benefits of using Cenforce, you will need to buy these products from a genuine seller. Here are some tips that can help you find genuine pills:

  • Check out the reviews of previous clients before getting Cenforce 200mg wholesale. This is always a great way of knowing which sellers carry a high-quality product. After all, if other users are benefiting from a pill sold by a specific seller, it must be because it’s a genuine product.
  • You may also need to chat with your doctor to get some recommendations on where you can buy these pills. This is actually one of the best approaches to take when buying any type of medication. This almost guarantees you will get a high-quality product.
  • Check out the experience of the seller as well. Although there is nothing wrong with buying your pills from a new site, if you don’t want to take chances, it may be a good idea to look at the pedigree of the seller first. Companies that have been selling for some years should definitely work out.
  • Take your time as well. There are many ED pills these days. Before you buy, do some research and understand everything there is to understand about these products. As long as you have enough information, it will be easier to decide which products are genuine.
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