Cobra 120mg


– Generic Viagra –

Sildenafil Citrate 120mg
Brand: Vega Pharma Ltd.

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Cobra 120 contains 120mg Sildenafil and is used to treat erection problems. Due to its relatively high dose it is considered as potency medicine for advanced users and should not be used if one did not have any experience with Sildenafil before. Taking too much Sildenafil will only increase the side effects while not having further beneficial effects on your erection. Lots does not help lots in this case.

How to use: 20-30 minutes before sex
Duration: 4-7 hours

Please keep in mind: You may not take Cobra 120 if you are under influence of illegal drugs, lots of alcohol, other medicine for erectile dysfunction or any of the medications below:

  • Blood thinner
  • Antibiotics
  • HIV medicines
  • Cimetidine
  • Doxazosin, Terazosin
  • Antifungal medication
  • Carbamazepine, Phenobarbital, Phenytoin
  • Rifampin or Rifabutin

If you are using Cobra for the first time, it is recommended to start with a quarter (30mg) or half (60mg) pill. Please dont forget to consult a doctor before taking Cobra 120. Stay safe!

– Expiration date of current batch: You can find the list in our FAQs –

Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120 mg

Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120 mg is a highly trusted medication among users globally. It is used by males who cannot acquire and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The treatment is orally administered, and must only be used by males of 18 years and above struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED). Most patients that use this medication can go for long durations without losing firm erections. The manufacturing company, Vega Pharma Limited, claims that this drug might make you perform better in bed compared to those who do not use it. Compared to other medications for the same problem, its users say that this treatment has more prolonged effects, which is why they prefer using it each time they want to beat ED.

Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120 mg comes in tablets form and might bring back your ability to perform outstandingly in bed. You will be able to get a prolonged orgasm and maximum pleasure because you will remain firmer and fuller for longer. Also, according to the manufacturer, this tablet is an improvement of the first Viagra 100 mg tablets and is therefore meant to perform much better and faster. Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120 mg is the best treatment to try if you are looking for something that would beat any Sildenafil that has even been made by Vega Pharma Ltd. It mainly comes in five red blister tablets. This medication functions effectively by blocking phosphodiesterase-PDE5, which is one of the many enzymes in the body.


Sildenafil, one of the medicine’s active compounds, works by directing the flow of enough blood into the blood vessels in your penis so that you get a perfect erection each time you use the tablets. Before using this medication, you must find out from a medical expert whether you are struggling with ED. This medication is also not meant for persons under the age of 18 years and must be used as per the doctor’s prescriptions.

In this review, we will look into various facts about Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120 mg, and why we feel that it is worth giving a try. Cobra 120 mg is not a new medication and is already being used by many happy patients worldwide. However, crucial factors come up when it comes to determining whether this might be the best solution. In case your pharmacist advises you to stay away from this medication for specific clinical reasons, kindly make sure to obey that.

How to Take/Dosage

Cobra 120 mg is manufactured to treat problems related to sex function among males. It functions by increasing the amount and rate at which blood flows into your penis, thereby giving you a firm erection. However, this medication will not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and syphilis. To stay safe, you need to practise safe sex using latex condoms, and you can talk to your doctor for additional details.

Before you start using Cobra 120, check out the Patient Information Leaflet that your pharmacist will give you alongside the medication. You should remember this each time you go for a refill. You must also ask your pharmacist any questions that you might have ahead of starting your dosage.

To alleviate the symptoms of ED using this treatment, take it orally as advised by your doctor. This drug must be taken at least 30 minutes before sexual activity. Cobra 120 mg will not give you impressive results if you take it more than four hours ahead of sexual activity. Users that take it one hour earlier get the best results. Also, you must not take more than one dose each day.

The duration it takes for the drug to start working in the body depends on several factors. Also, a high-fat meal might make Cobra 120 to work slower in the body. Your pharmacist will prescribe the dosage based on your medical condition and how fast or good your body responds to treatments. They will also use other medications you are taking to give you the best prescription of Cobra 120, which is why you need to be 100% honest with them.

Cobra 120 Side Effects

Cobra 120 is one of the most potent ED drugs, and must only be taken if advised by a clinician. Although it seems to work perfectly, users might experience mild to severe side effects after using it. Also, the duration it takes your body to respond to this medication is determined by important factors such as age, physical fitness, and underlying medical conditions.

Headache, dizziness, stomach upset, or flushing might occur among some users of Cobra 120. There might also be instances of vision changes such as increased sensitivity to light, trouble telling blue and green colours apart, and blurred vision. These side effects are mild and should not last too long. However, if you notice unusual persistence, make sure to contact your doctor right away.

The best way to reduce dizziness and lightheadedness is by getting up slowly when rising from lying or sitting positions. You might also stay in that position until you feel that the medication’s side effects have decreased in your body.
Most importantly, you need to use this medication with the knowledge of your doctor. They gave you the go-ahead because they tested and found that the benefits of using it are far greater than the side effects. Most of the time, you will not experience side effects from this medication, but we do not promise anything since your body might undergo certain changes over time.

Due to sexual activity, your body might be subjected to strain, more so if you have some heart complications. In case you are struggling with heart complications and encounter any of the side effects mentioned above after using Cobra 120, seek medical assistance immediately. These should include, but not limited to, fainting, nausea, dizziness, or left arm and chest pain.

Rare side effects

Rarely, sudden reduced vision alongside blindness in both or one of your eyes (NAION) might occur. In case of these severe issues, stop using the medication, and immediately seek medical attention. Those with heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and certain eye complications have higher chances of developing NAION. Also, you might experience the same problem is you smoke, or you are over 50 years old.

Sometimes a sudden reduction or loss of hearing alongside ringing in the ears and dizziness might occur. If these things occur to you, it is best to stop the medication and seek medical assistance immediately.
After using Cobra 120, you might experience a prolonged, painful erection that goes over four hours. This is a severe side effect that might lead to permanent problems. Therefore, seek medical attention as soon as you notice it. However, this is a rare event and only happens among very few users.

Most users are happy with the functioning of the drug and have not reported any serious side effects. However, it is advisable to seek medical help as soon as you notice any serious allergic reaction, such as severe dizziness, itching, rash, swelling of the tongue, throat, and face. Note that this is the whole list of side effects that users of Cobra 120 might experience. Thus, if you observe anything that we have not mentioned above, talk to your pharmacist immediately.

Interactions and Warnings (Who Shouldn’t Take It)

Due to drug interactions, the functioning of your medication might be significantly altered. Also, it could open doors to serious side effects. It is crucial to note that in this piece, we will not discuss all possible interactions. Do your due diligence and keep a clear record of all medications (prescribed and non-prescribed) that you use and present it to your doctor or pharmacist. They will use that information to determine whether Cobra 120 is suitable for you. You must not begin any dosage without your doctor’s attention. Riociguat is the product that might interact with Cobra 120.

Sildenafil is one of the active compounds of Cobra 120 and might lead to a severe drop in your blood pressure, mainly when used alongside nitrates. Due to a sharp decline in blood pressure, you might encounter fainting, dizziness, and stroke or heart attack in some severe cases. Therefore, here are some of the drugs you must never use alongside Cobra 120:

• Drugs used to treat angina or chest pain (isosorbide or nitroglycerin).
• Recreational drugs called poppers since they contain amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, and amyl nitrate.

Also, those who are on alpha-blocker medications (tamsulosin or doxazosin) to cure enlarged prostate or blood pressure might have their blood pressure significantly reduced. This might make them faint or feel severely dizzy. In such cases, your pharmacist will commence treatment using a smaller dose of Sildenafil to minimize the risk of low blood pressure.
Certain medications might greatly impact the removal of Sildenafil from your body, affecting how Cobra 120 functions on your body. Some of these medications include azole antifungals (like ketoconazole and itraconazole), HIV protease inhibitors (saquinavir, ritonavir), macrolide antibiotics (erythromycin, clarithromycin), hepatitis C virus protease inhibitors, rifampin, mifepristone, etc.

Interactions with other drugs

To be safe, you must not take this medication alongside any drug that might contain Sildenafil or any related medication meant to treat ED or pulmonary hypertension. These include drugs such as vardenafil and tadalafil. Most users tend to use Cobra 120 mg before they seek medical advice from qualified clinicians. But that exposes them to severe health risks, some of which they might not recover from. After you have shared with your pharmacist or doctor, they use their knowledge and skills to evaluate your situation to find the best solution. Therefore, you must not use Cobra 120 if they advise you against it. If, during the appointment, your health provider asks you any question about your current medication, make sure to be completely honest with them.

If you overdose this medication and start experiencing severe side effects, visit a health facility immediately. Also, it is against the rules to share this medication with anyone else. To keep the Cobra 120 in its best working condition, you must keep it away from moisture and light. Ensure that no child can access where you have kept this medication as they might use it without your knowledge.

About Vega Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Vega Pharma Ltd is a tech-based company that takes part in developing, manufacturing, and marketing pharmaceuticals, probiotics, nutritional ingredients, and animal health products. The company headquarters is in China and has since established two additional manufacturing sites in Anji City. Both of these have many years of rich experience in animal health products and nutritional ingredients.

The two sites are both approved by Fami-Qs, GMPISO, etc. This is why one of their products, Cobra 120 mg, is believed to be doing well. The company has a broad technology team that helps them to serve their clients with microcapsule, coating, premix services, and microsphere solutions.

Through the years, Pharma Vega has gained a lot of competitive edge against its competitors. It is composed of professionals with in-depth knowledge of animal health products, food, and pharmaceuticals. That way, they have maintained a consistent innovation of essential solutions for various nutritional and health complications.
The company has a vast business network in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company claims that it will keep on bringing newer products and technologies to achieve a sustainable and highly competitive global supplier.

The Bottom Line

Vega Pharma has been in the market for many years and has gained trust among its customers worldwide. This is because most of the medications they manufacture work to alleviate the symptoms for which they are meant. This is why Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120 mg, one of their ED treatment solutions, has attracted many users globally.
In this review, we have covered all important aspects of the drug, including how to use it to increase the chances of getting the best results. If you know someone struggling with ED, tell them about this medication, but do not forget to urge them to seek medical advice before starting their dosage. You can contact us if you want to know more about Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120 mgand other related drugs meant to treat ED and enhance your sex life.

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