Check the status of your order

PLEASE NOTE: In the beginning your trackingcode is not trackable in the system of the shipping companies (it is displayed as invalid). This is normal and will usually change within 2-3 working days. Please do not send any inquiries about your tracking number until you have waited 3 working days. Thank you for your understanding.

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

Meaning of the statuses

Pending Payment = We have not received your payment/ we have not marked your order as paid.

On hold = We have not received your payment/ we have not marked your order as paid.

Processing = We have received your payment and your order is being processed.

Completed = Your order has been marked as shipped. Details about the estimated delivery time can be found below.

Please note: Sometimes we only mark the order as shipped in the evening/night even though it was already shipped earlier.

“There are no order statuses for tracking number: XXXXX and e-mail: [email protected] = You have entered a wrong order number + email address or your order is not in our system anymore. In that case please contact us via email.

On which website can I track my shipment (Trackingcode)?

Track & Trace: or

For German customers: or

Example Trackingcode: XX111111111XX

GLS (from ca. 30 blisters on):

Example Trackingcode: 90619005728 (11 numeral digits)

Regular Mail: You cannot track your order as it was shipped without Trackincode.

Please note: For security reasons the trackingcodes and order statuses will be deleted after 2 months. If you only inform us after 2 months that you have not received your order, we will not be able to offer a free reship as we cannot verify that the information is true. In all other cases you are entitled for a free reship (if the tracking code shows that the order was not delivered).

Estimated Delivery time

Shipping methods Regular Mail + Track & TraceOnce your order status has been marked as completed the usual delivery time is 3-10 working days, depending on your location/country.

Shipping method GLS – GLS orders can only be shipped 1-2 times per week. Furthermore, we receive the trackingcodes for GLS orders often only after 3-5 days. We only mark the order as completed if we have received the trackingcode. This means, that the order status remains at ‘processing’ for a long time, even if the order actually already has been shipped.

Due to this circumstances its not possible to indicate a specific delivery date. If you are lucky and your order is shipped immediately it takes 4 days, if you are unlucky it takes 14 days.

Sometimes the delivery time can be longer which is unfortunately out of our control.